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Bail.me.uk is an advocacy service run by a group of legal professional experts, who specialise in criminal law. It is a tool to provide free, direct and easy access to legal advice to members of the community who are subject to police investigation, at the touch of a button. This is to ensure the rights, interests and most importantly the liberty of individuals are protected.

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There is a misconception amongst the community that trying to obtain legal representation can be arduous and time consuming. Further, those detained at police stations often refuse legal representation due to a lack of trust in duty solicitors, who are contacted by the police.

Police interviews are important – you need to think strategically

From our experience, it seems individuals treat attendances at police stations as an unimportant part of the criminal justice process. They usually attend on their own, believing that they can talk their way out of the situation. Their main aim seems to be to get released from custody as quickly as possible, sometimes at the expense of obtaining legal advice from a solicitor. This is not the best long-term strategy: a case can be won or lost at the police station, long before it reaches the court.

The police have a right to detain an individual for a minimum of 24 hours and seeking legal advice will not make the process longer.  Legal representatives will normally attend Police Station within the hour when informed police are ready to interview.

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Get clear advice and properly prepare for your police interview

When individuals are arrested and are about to be interviewed by the police, it is essential that they are represented by lawyers who can provide them with clear advice and ensure that they are properly prepared. Legal representatives can obtain an appropriate level of disclosure from the police and, having taking instructions, will be able to advise on whether it is appropriate to answer police questions, simply provide a prepared statement or exercise the right to silence. Most importantly, the legal representative will speak directly with the police on your behalf so you don’t have to.

The primary aim of this initiative is to encourage all individuals at all times to seek legal advice in all police-related matters by providing free and direct access to legal advice via our Freephone number. The service is hassle-free, without the need to make an appointment with a solicitor at any particular office. The initiative also allows you to speak directly to a lawyer who you can trust to be independent and deal with your matter in the strictest confidence.

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Hire experienced criminal lawyers who are experts in their field

When contacting bail.me.uk you can be assured to receive the highest level of advice and assistance from a group of lawyers who are well-versed and highly-experienced in criminal law and the criminal justice process. They work for top ranking criminal firms in London and have access to leading barristers and eminent experts, working together to get the best result. Most importantly the lawyers are also members of the community and understand the needs and expectations of the community they wish to represent and defend in police related matters.

If you or your loved one have been arrested and/or charged and need advice or a second opinion it is imperative you contact bail.me.uk on 0800 080 6007.

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